The main issue in the use of an active ingredient is to succeed in maintaining its antioxidant qualities, while maintaining its effectiveness without degrading it. Usually, maintaining an active principle such as Vitamin C is a manipulation that requires the addition of non-natural preservatives or the transformation of Vitamin C, something we did not want to do since our wish is to preserve the natural performance of the active principle.

Faced with this problem, our doctor, Alfred Marchal was inspired by the evolution of vitamin C in its natural environment. He discovered that it was possible to combine the properties of tannic acid with those of vitamin C and that this association of active ingredients allowed to stabilize vitamin C naturally at a concentration still unequalled.

Our inspiration is rooted in the vitality and resistance of nature in the face of time. We imagine not only cutting-edge aesthetic medicine treatments but also exclusive anti-aging molecules capable of protecting the skin from external aggressions while preserving its youthfulness.

Today, what we integrate in each of our serums, in each of our creams, is a concentrate of innovation. Each of our products is the fruit of several decades of research, on the mastery of the major active ingredients.

What we do is simply study what nature has given us to hinder the signs of aging on our skin.




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