Niosome Troxerutine


Troxerutine, extracted from Sophora from Japan, is an active ingredient used in medicine to improve microcirculation, which is a recurring problem, especially in women.

Troxuretine for cosmetic use allows us to fight against vascular fragility. The latter is more often responsible for darkened, slightly gray skin tones. Troxuretine will act in depth to mask and revascularize skin tissues, reducing the permeability of blood vessels to allow the skin to regain a luminous appearance.

In this case, Troxuretine is particularly useful to fight against the signs of fatigue on the skin, especially dark circles.


The technical innovation that we have brought to this active ingredient is the development of Troxuretine in its niosomal form, which now allows us to improve the clinical capacities of Troxuretine alone and to promote its penetration, while considerably reducing capillary permeability.
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