Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that is well present in our nutrition and is full of unsuspected virtues. Its benefits are not only nutritional, since pure vitamin C is one of the most effective active ingredients in the field of aesthetic medicine.

L-ascorbic acid, the pure form of Vitamin C has unique benefits for the skin, this natural source of life is one of the most beneficial molecules to slow down and resorb the damage generated by free radicals and oxidative stress.

Vitamin C Alphascience to maintain skin health...

The antioxidant capacities of Vitamin C are obtained when it is stabilized in its natural form: L-ascorbic acid. Once stabilized, L-ascorbic acid can be integrated into certain dermatological solutions to act in depth on the skin and revitalize it.

Thanks to its antioxidant complex, ALPHASCIENCE has succeeded in stabilizing L-ascorbic acid in high concentration, thus optimizing the effects of this active ingredient on the skin. This scientific and technical feat is the result of the passion of our laboratory and its researcher Alfred Marchal, who succeeded in developing the best technology available to date to stabilize L-ascorbic acid even in the skin and at high temperatures.

Today, Vitamin C Alphascience is the most powerful vitamin for maintaining skin health, it prevents and corrects visible signs of aging deep down for smooth, firm and radiant skin.

Its benefits on the skin...

- Fight against free radicals responsible for aging

- Strengthen the skin

- Fade visible sun damage

- Promote the production of collagen

- Lighten dull skin and even out the complexion

- Act on pigmentation

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