Tannic acid is found in the bark of the Sequoia, one of the most majestic trees in our living ecosystem, and it is no coincidence that this age-old tree holds one of the secrets to longevity on Earth. Rich in tannic acid, the Sequoia draws on the resources of this powerful molecule to maintain its vitality.

In the course of numerous research and studies, our researchers have observed that this active ingredient of the polyphenol family has many unique characteristics that enable it to fight skin aging.

Among the three most powerful naturally occurring antioxidants in the world, tannic acid helps stabilize L-ascorbic acid at high concentrations, while providing the anti-aging benefits of polyphenols.

Tannic acid also has other unique properties: it strengthens the vessel walls to reduce vascular fragility and redness, it is antibacterial, antifungal, anti-glycation but also a powerful active ingredient against cancer.

Today, this unique active ingredient stabilized by our laboratory is part of one of the most effective anti-aging solutions in the category of non-invasive treatments

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